What is a mediumship session like?

You can best prepare by relaxing. A mediumship session is not in any way creepy or "spooky." You can make an appointment for either an in-person or a telephone session, whichever is most convenient for you.

It is important, however, to only give Frank the first name of the departed person with whom you'd like to make contact. Frank has found that he works best with a clean slate; any extraneous information at the beginning of a session can cloud the channels of communication.

After receiving the name, he can make contact with the spirit and bring messages from your departed loved ones, and enable you to talk to them through his connection.

You can give as many names as time will allow. Sessions are for 60 minutes. ‚Äč

Just as no two living persons are the same, no two deceased persons are either, and no two readings are the same.

Some persons may have a small crowd of spirits around them, all wanting to communicate. With others, it can be more like having a phone call to a single soul.


A full-hour mediumship session with Frank is only $150.